Weber : symphony n°1 & concertos


Virtuosity, brilliance, brio: the concertos of Karl Maria von Weber always arouse electrifying enthusiasm. But Weber was also a poet full of lyricism, an imaginative colorist, an innovator. This recording, performed by three great concert artists with crossed destinies and who travel the world's greatest concert halls (Nicolas Baldeyrou, David Guerrier and Thomas Bloch), pays tribute to the two faces of this key composer of Romanticism, who must be rediscovered.

1-4 Symphony n°1 in C major, op.19,
5-7 Concertino in E minor for horn and orchestra, op.45,
8-9 Adagio and rondo in F, for glass harmonica and orchestra
10-12 Concerto No. 2 in E flat major for clarinet and orchestra, op.74,

Published in November 2018 by Klarthe

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David Guerrier horn
Nicolas Baldeyrou clarinet
Thomas Bloch glass harmonica
Victor Hugo Franche-Comté Orchestra
Jean-François Verdier conductor



Classica "The Victor Hugo Orchestra takes particular care with the clarity of the sound planes, the timbre and the color.

ClassiqueNews "This new recording is to be ranked among the best achievements of the Victor Hugo Orchestra and its musical director Jean-François Verdier who deploy a communicative involvement in each episode, symphonic and concertante, illuminating in Weber, this critical intelligence, explorer of new instrumental sounds as much as climatic.

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