The four seasons


The seasons have always been linked to human life, inspiring fear, hope, pleasure or nostalgia, allowing them to find their bearings in the immensity of passing time... The great universal cycle reigns over life, playing with human eras and our passing fashions. Such is also the music of Bacri, free, lyrical, pictorial, always full of sap and rhythm. Four paintings finally brought together, summoning the great oboist François Leleux and three stars of the bow for an explosion of talent and life.

Nicolas Bacri, The Four Seasons
1- Winter concerto tenebroso for oboe, viola and string orchestra
2- Spring concerto amoroso for oboe, violin and string orchestra
3- Summer concerto luminoso for oboe, violin, viola, cello and string orchestra
4- Autumn concerto nostalgico for oboe, cello and string orchestra

Published on April 29, 2016 by Klarthe

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François Leleuxoboe
Valeriy Sokolovviolin
Adrien La Marcaviola
Sébastien van Kuijk, cello
Victor Hugo Franche-Comté Orchestra
Jean-François Verdier, conductor


This album has been nominated for the ICMA - International Classical Music Awards 2017


  • Classica "Nicolas Bacri benefits from four high-flying soloists and a Victor Hugo orchestra conducted with great vigor and precision by Jean-François Verdier.
  • ClassiqueNews "These Four Seasons are those of the soul. Superb journey, oscillating between impulsive overactivity, modesty, questioning, that is to say an overactive narration in the service of secret thoughts, to be deciphered at the moment of listening."
  • ResMusica "Conductor and orchestra, precise and concerned, manage to capture the essence of a work which of course also expresses the Voltairian melancholy of Le Monde comme il va."

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