Book-CD Peter and the Wolf


Everyone knows Prokofiev's symphonic tale... A story like no other, told in music and by the instruments of the orchestra. Each character in the story is represented by a different instrument that plays a musical phrase. Thus the child can easily recognize the bird, the duck, the cat, the grandfather, the hunters and of course Peter and the wolf... But in this case, it is Bernard Friot who seizes the end of the tale to knit him a sequel to the small onions " The Duck is always alive "... And when Bernard Friot attacks the classics, no doubt that the fall will not be that which one expects...

Serge Prokofiev Peter and the Wolf
Bernard Friot / Jean-François Verdier The duck is still alive

Raconté par Jacques Gamblin

1ère édition parue le 4 novembre 2015  illustrée par Julia Wauters
2nde édition parue le 25 octobre 2022 illustrée par Amandine Leprun

Éditions Milan


  • Coup de coeur of the Charles Cros Academy in the category of children's record in 2015.


  • France Inter Interview with Jean-François Verdier on Nov. 5, 2015
  • Elle Magazine "A scathing sequel, where the bird has, this time, the beautiful role. A youthful twist on Prokofiev's masterpiece.
  • La Croix " A joyful success ".
  • Resmusica "A first-rate performance for this book-disc, more original than many previous versions.
  • L'Est Républicain " A very creative score on the continuation of the story, invented with humor by Bernard Friot on dynamic drawings by Julia Wauters. Nice, here, as a gift "
  • Book perfumes "To offer or to offer to oneself without the slightest hesitation! A real event!!!"
  • Lucky Sophie "Euphoria when discovering this book from Milan Editions, with an unpublished sequel, to be discovered urgently!"

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