Book-CD Anna, Léo et le gros ours de l'armoire


Outside, it is raining. Anna and Leo are bored in the attic of their vacation home. "There are only baby toys here." Suddenly, a woodland bear - a stuffed one - emerges from the closet and kindly asks if he can go to the kitchen for supplies. It's Big Fudge, their father's childhood bear... Intrigued, Anna and Leo start to search the room, looking for other such encounters. They come across Jonathan the snake who learns Chinese, Roberto the clown who tickles, Lili the doll who does as she pleases and the little sailor who is about to set sail around the world... Because all these old toys come to life but they are only passing through; they are going on to new adventures. Well, it's not raining outside anymore. It's time to go out and leave the memories of tender childhood behind.

Text by Bernard Friot
Music by Jean-François Verdier
Illustrations byAmélie Jackowski
Told by Christophe Maltot

Published on September 21, 2012 by Actes Sud


  • Coup de coeur de l'Académie Charles Cros in the category of children's record in 2012.


Télérama "A record that will delight the little ones who are still impressed by the evocative power of the music; the older ones will certainly be bothered. Unless they in turn go rummaging through the trunks of old toys... "