Hopen Air


"Open-mindedness is not a fracture of the skull ". said Pierre Desproges. Why couldn't a "groovman" write for classically trained musicians?
In these chaotic times, "Hopen air" is the hope, the openness and the oxygen we all need, to be and live together.

1-Sand sky
Yvan Robilliard, piano
Jean-Fançois Verdier, conductor
Victor Hugo Orchestra

2- Dynamos 1
Ensemble Nomos

3- Artophones 4
Quatuo Morphing - Guillaume Orti

4- 7 for 2

Published in November 2016 by Klarthe

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  • Choc Jazz Magazine
  • Grand Frisson 2017 by Audiophile Magazine


  • Jazz Magazine "Ciel de sable is an immediate evidence " Ludovic Florin
  • Citizen Jazz " All the desks are working at full speed, deploying a powerful and ample volume in which nuanced dissonances are clustered around this virtuoso and limpid keyboard. Nicolas Dourlhès
  • Jazz News The impressive mastery of composition and interpretation makesHopen Air an object to be cherished by all lovers of the learned music of the first XXth century " Pierre Tenne
  • Audiophile Magazine " Andy Emler's music is accessible to everyone, it speaks to us, touches us and certainly does not leave us indifferent. " Joël Chevassus

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