Guillaume Saint-James


The Blue Symphony or "worker's symphony", whose name is inspired by the blue work clothes, invites us to reflect on the special relationship between humans and machine tools, with rhythm as a common thread. A musical epic in the style of a symphonic poem, at the crossroads of great film music and classical music, it lets us hear the musicality of the world of metallurgy, sea workers or watchmaking, one of the jewels of which is in Besançon.

1-5 Guillaume Saint-James La Symphonie Bleu
Victor Hugo Franche-Comté Orchestra
Jean-François Verdier, conductor

6-12 Guillaume Saint-James Sketches of seven
Regional Orchestra of Brittany
Aurélien Azan Zielinski, conductor

Release date: March 5th by Indésens Records

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Audiophile Magazine "A record that will certainly make you shiver, and that will give you the banana! A revelation... "

ResMusica "Right down to the last chord of its irresistible motoric finale, the rather cinematic "Blue" Symphony really has something to seduce even the most genre-averse"

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